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I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Winter rescue hair products

I can’t believe Christmas is just under a week away! Exciting days are ahead – I hope you all are getting ready to celebrate and just spend that quality time with your friends and loved ones. I will be honest, I know for most people Christmas is all about the snow and wintery feeling, but I so wish I was somewhere warm. I’m a summer girl at heart, as you could probably tell by now 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next year’s travels, though! And speaking of winter, there is one thing that my hair can’t seem to adapt to: the cold weather. As soon as the temperature drops, I get all kinds of reactions, from extra frizz and dryness to hair breakage and split ends (here you can see a proof of that). My winter hair rescue came right from Grow Gorgeous, a hair care line that I hadn’t heard of until I had the chance to try out a couple of their products recently.

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Hair repair products

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Grow Gorgeous straightening hair oil

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Straightening hair oil in the palm

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Applying the hair oil

The company has many hair products, but their two most raved-about are the Hair Density Serum and the Hair Strengthening Oil. Before trying them, I looked up reviews on several websites and people seem to see real results from using them. The serum is supposed to make your hair thicker, fuller and grow longer, and one bottle should last for about two months. The strengthening oil is supposed to strengthen, protect and restore shine to your hair. I found both of them to have absolutely beautiful packaging with a luxurious look and feel. Also, they both smell divine! I know perfume is subjective, but I personally am addicted to how these two products make my hair smell. I almost wish there was a body lotion or perfume with the same scent!

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Running fingers through smooth hair

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Combing through the long hair

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Winter hair rescue

I’ve used the serum every day for the past month, and at this point I can see a small improvement with my hair breakage and shedding, which had become a problem lately. I love the light texture and the fact that it doesn’t make the hair greasy. I don’t normally wash my hair every day, so I was worried that I may need to with this product… but it wasn’t necessary; the serum is absorbed by your scalp quickly, leaving you with a beautiful smell on your hair. I honestly became a fan of this product and will continue to use it long term.

As for the oil, it’s a bit different than all the oils I’ve used for my hair before, but in a good way. It’s way lighter in texture and it actually makes my frizzy, dry hair restore its shine. And again, the smell is a big plus for me! I’ve tried a lot of hair oils, but they just seem to either weigh my hair down or be absorbed, and the results never stood up to my expectations. My hair approved this strengthening oil!

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Results with the hair serum

I've Got Sunshine ☀️ | Style and Travel Blogger - Grow Gorgeous hair products

My other suggestions for rescuing your winter hair? Give it a rest from the hot tools from time to time, apply a hydrating hair mask twice a week (instead of once), and of course, always hydrate – your skin will thank you too! I also add vitamin B for an extra boost and to help protect my hair and nails.

Do you do anything to help your hair in the winter? Please share your thoughts below – I would love to know your tips. xo

Used in this post: Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil // Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum

Note: All of these opinions are genuinely mine, but a big thank you to Grow Gorgeous for sponsoring this post!

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  1. “Winter hair” is definitely something I struggle with living in the prairies in Canada. It is dry and super cold so I am always needing some products like these to combat the static and breakage that comes along with this weather!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I totally understand, Holly – managing your hair through these cold temperatures is always a struggle, especially in the dry climate. Hope these tips you’ll help you as much as they helped me! 🙂 Thanks for reading! <3

    1. Thanks, Radi – I think they really work for any time of the year, but so much more now with the cold weather. They definitely helped my hair. xo

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Jessi – you’re always so sweet! I agree with you, our skin and hair need extra protection through the winter months. Merry Christmas to you, lovely! xo

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