10 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him ☀️️

Creative Valentine's day gift ideas for him

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Finally, it’s February, and that means there’s lots of love in the air! I know most of us have trouble finding that perfect gift for our loved one, so I did my research and came up with ten creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him (plus a bonus!). Be it your boyfriend, husband, or a newer relationship, I’m sure these ideas will be helpful. Check them out and get inspired! 😉

1. A Watch

Nothing beats a classy – or sporty – watch that can get your babe on time for your dates! 🙂 Joking. But seriously, with so many available watches today at any price point, there’s surely something for everyone. Just make sure you know his style well before committing to a specific watch – is he a classy, suit-type of guy, or more sporty-casual type? Here are a few options at different price points:

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2. A Wallet

Filed under the same classic gifts section, a wallet makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, or for something more special, a personalized wallet. Your guy will appreciate a spacious, yet compact wallet, so here are a few good options to try:

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3. A Grooming Kit

Our guys might not have a ton of products dedicated to beauty (ahem, like we do!), and they surely like simple, fast routines. Spoil your loved one with a grooming kit and he’ll feel a little pampered with every use:

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4. Saxx Undies

Ok, so this one might not be suitable for newly dating people (or is it?), but it’s one that your guy will appreciate! This men’s underwear company quickly became successful due to its original, comfort-enhancing designs. Ask any man that has tried it, and he’ll tell you that he’ll never go back to his previous underwear.

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5. Men’s Subscription Box

This one could go under the grooming category, but it’s different due to the monthly box subscription model. Lately, these businesses have bloomed, and I can see why! Unlike us, men don’t like to spend much time shopping, so he’ll be happy to be spared this chore for grooming each month. One company that offers such monthly subscription packages is Birchbox. If you think he’d like something other than grooming essentials, I’ve heard that there are tons of companies out there offering socks, underwear, snacks, etc.

6. A Cute Coffee Mug

This one might be cheesy sounding, but a reminder of how much you love him, along with his coffee/tea every morning, never hurt anyone! There are many options available out there, and if you feel creative, you can opt for a personalized mug too! Etsy seems to have endless options for this as well! Here are a few cute mugs for your inspiration:

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7. A Candle

When in doubt, buy an elegant candle! Of course, you’ll enjoy it too, so double points for that! 😉 A few good smelling and gorgeous options are below:

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8. (Personalized) Chocolate Candy

We, women, are usually the ones to be spoiled with chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day, but wouldn’t it be nice to offer something sweet to your sweetheart as well? Men love chocolate too, I guarantee that! If you want to go for a manly chocolate treat, I recommend these Single Malt Scotch Cordials, but if you want something personalized (like a love message), here are some great options below:

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9. A Fill-in Book

If you really like to go above and beyond with a truly personalized gift, go for a fill-in book about your love story or relationship – it will make his heart melt! Just make sure you get it ahead and leave some time to work on filling in the blanks. Or, for a playful take on this gift, try these adorable Kiss Me Notes Coupon Book. 

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10. Cologne

This is a popular choice for men on Valentine’s Day; since it’s such a classy item, it makes a perfect gift on more occasions than anything else. Here are few popular options, but since smell is so subjective, you’ll have some work to do:

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11. (Bonus) Your Sexy Self

When everything else fails, give your guy your sexy self! I mean, I’m sure he thinks the best present for him is you, so why not make it a special gift?! I also put together a Valentine’s Day guide here which includes tons of ideas for date night, lingerie, and even beauty! And speaking of which, stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be going more in depth about the Valentine’s Day lingerie picks 😉

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Any more gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that I missed? Let me know your thoughts below.

Much love xo


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    1. Aww, that would be such a great gift for your sweetheart! Thanks, Rosy – hope you’re having a great weekend! xo

    1. Aww, that’s so cute that you got him a watch! <3 Oh, Boathouse is super nice, I think I visited the other location(s) - I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful time! Happy early Valentine's Day! xo

  1. Such a helpful list! My man has recently grown a mustache and he was so happy with the funny grooming kit I got him. He also likes usefultech geeky gifts, oh and I offered him Rayban aviators for his birthday he was truly happy <3 But the best gift is definitely No11 /D 😀

    1. That sounds amazing, Dalal! 😀 I’m sure he’ll enjoy the grooming kit you got for him! I know, I totally agree that no.11 is absolutely the best! 🙂 xo

  2. Great suggestions! So many of these are my go to’s haha. I love gifting watches for men and wallets. And anything that has to do with grooming or skin care. Cannot believe the big day is right around the corner! I have some shopping to do still ha.

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

    1. That’s so sweet of you! I really don’t know what to recommend for grooming kits in Mexico, but perhaps finding some place in the US that delivers internationally too. Otherwise, hope you’ll find something that he enjoys! 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks, Jessi! I’m really happy if it helped with some ideas and hope you’ll find the perfect gift for your love! xo

    1. Oh, totally! I thought about including a trip too but figured most people would probably go for smaller things on this holiday. But you never know 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Maya! <3

    1. Thanks for reading, Minhal! 🙂 And hey, maybe these suggestions will come in hand next year on Valentine’s day, you never know! 😉 xo

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